Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Skies, Broken iPhone and Photocopier

An early start to the day - earlier than necessary as I found out when I read my email, since Left At The Lights' practice was called off due to Bob's bug ('nuff said). Still, saw the pretty early morning skies at the back of the house.
And at the front of the house. 
The morning continued to be sunny - such a treat after all the rain of November, October and earlier... 
I worked on replacing one of the speakers on my iPhone that has been playing up, but could not get the last part removed. So, I admitted defeat and put it all back together - it works fine, apart from the fact that the speaker has now packed up completely so I cannot hear it ring any more (although I can hear calls through the other speaker or the earbuds)! Went to UWE after lunch - saw these bubbling clouds on the way out of the house.
Had to prepare for a session of dissertation Progress Reviews, which reacquainted me with the joys of the institutional photocopier. This one took mercy on me, and only threatened to break down… 
Five hours later, after Digital Media Project presentations and marking, escaped home to Su's delicious Far Eastern inspired meal. Much appreciated after 5 hours straight student contact today. I have also today been asked if I can teach the rest of the Media, Business and Publishing module next Semester - it will pay for another holiday! Su and I talked earlier about how it seems as though nothing has changed - but we feel very different after the last couple of years, so who knows what we might decide to do next!

This day a year ago, I had recovered from my migraine onslaught and we took off for the beach at Brean. An afternoon of dramatic weather, and glorious skies.

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