Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Winter Wonderland

A very cold morning indeed - these pictures were taken in the garden mid-morning, with no sign of any thawing at all.
Bella's frozen tennis balls…
Our geranium has been clobbered by the frost.
Pretty frost patterns on the greenhouse glass.
Tastefully edged leaves.
I took Bella out for a late morning walk/early daytime walk today, and was rewarded with a display of frosted cobwebs.
Su wonders where the spiders have gone - they won't be weaving webs to catch insects with the weather like this, and have probably all migrated inside the houses all around.
The plants are going to have a hard time of it over the next couple of days.
This flower has bloomed its last for this year.
More spiders webs on the back of this road sign.
Some of the trees were really coated with frost.
A great display of weaving in a hedgerow.
Their very intricate construction only becomes apparent when they are coated with frost of dew.
A suggestion that the skies might clear.
More delicate filigree work on display.
It was **cold**!
Late on the sun did indeed appear, and brightened up the streets with a golden glow.
This day a year ago, we started the day with a beautiful sunrise.

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