Monday, 3 December 2012

Skies On Display

Out with Bella this morning, wondered if I had found the resting place of broken trowels.
It was a wet walk, after a dry start to the day - as shown by the raindrops on this branch. 
Drip drop… 
A very old VW Beetle, still going strong. 
Spent the middle of the day getting prepared for a busy day at UWE tomorrow - two final year progress sessions with students to organise. Took Bella for her afternoon walk, past this temporarily plugged hole - it has only been like this for over a year… 
By this afternoon, the rain had stopped and the skies had brightened to put on a tremendous display. This one looked like a Magritte painting 
Evidence on this gate of a birthday party not long ago? 
Pretty seed heads on this castor oil plant (?).
Another great view-  looking East.
 Looking West into the sunset.
 Looking over to Solsbury Hill.
This fuchsia is still hanging on - just about. 
How to decorate your neighbours' garage door - call for "Dare"! 
I keep seeing this car around with its personalised numberplate - it is a Chrysler Crossfire (and I bet I know the surname of the owner…)
This day a year ago, I was struck down with a migraine and took to my bed. Su took Bella for a walk up at the racecourse and wrote the blog that day, showing off her lovely photographs.

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