Thursday, 20 December 2012

At the Shops and Walking The Dog

Up bright and early to talk to the doctor about the frequency of migraines I've been getting, and ways of preventing them as well as coping with them if they occur. He's put me on propanolol - but I'm not going to start until after Christmas, as you can't drink with it! The day was grey and overcast with spits of rain and evidence of lots having fallen in the night.
Another local paper headline that caught my eye - this one because every word could be construed as a noun, making up a nonsense phrase. As it was, I had to work at interpreting this one…
Feeling a lot better than for the last few days, I took myself into the big bad world on secret missions whose nature cannot be revealed until next Tuesday - as well as a beguiling shopping trip to Morrisons. Waiting at traffic lights while queues of traffic slowly cleared…
Eventually got home, had some lunch and caught up with Su before going off for a late afternoon stroll around the streets with Bella. Several dog-walks to make up for after Su's  of the last week! Walked past our neighbour's house, with evidence of a recent party adorning the scaffolding for their attic conversion work. Thanks to Su for bringing them to my attention and for this photograph.
This willow looked spooky against the twilight sky. 
This old Georgian mansion normally seems deserted, but there was a light on this afternoon.
Proper dusk light round by St Stephens green 
The combination of house lights and twilight can be quite sepulchral. 
This day a year ago, we went to Colerne for a look around - saw this festively adorned pig statue on a wall, the way one does.

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