Sunday, 30 December 2012

Getting Better

A lovely start to the day with a rainbow right across the Charlcombe valley. One unexpected bonus of moving our bedroom to the back of the house has been these morning rainbows.
The other end of the rainbow at the head of the valley. We both thankfully feel better today - Su took Bella out for her morning stroll not long after this.
That was the end of the sunshine and the rain came back for a while. I went off to Morrisons to get some supplies, and after lunch ventured out with Bella for her afternoon walk. The skies had brightened up again, and the rain stopped.
A little flowerpot blown here by recent winds.
The mystery painter has resumed their nautical theme - this one is quite jolly.
Up at Lansdown Heights, this modern house has faux bricked-up windows (a window tax allusion, perhaps to suggest that the building is older?) 
A discarded umbrella frame, minus the covering, tucked behind this road sign (along with discarded tissue in the upright). 
The umbrella covering lay in the gutter. 
In the other upright of the road sign, a discarded sweet packet.  This seems to be a local habit - I suppose it's marginally less littering than just dropping the rubbish on the ground.
We went through St Stephens allotments, a well-organised site. 
The alotments have a few twee touches, like the adornments on this picnic table. 
A notice-board with potential… 
A hebe in flower at the exit. 
A seasonal door mat - hope the residents aren't still waiting!
A long stretch of railings on Mount Beacon. 
The path up from Perfect View to Summerfield Road was blocked off. Couldn't see any reason why from the bottom …
… so I went round to the top by another route. Looking down the hill, there was again no obvious reason for it to be blocked off, This is the hillside that saw the land slip recently, so maybe there are some concerns with all the rain that has fallen recently (and is predicted to start again tonight).
A slice of capsicum on the pavement. 
I hope that Santa stopped here! Having seen the happy children that live here, I'm sure he did.
Back home, Su is acting out her pagan fantasies with a mini WoodHenge on the stove (really drying out some logs for when the one burning away has finished).
One of my Christmas presents in its new home - being musically inclined, it helps me keep time! 
This day a year ago, we went on a jaunt down to Shepton Mallet - initially to look at furniture in Haskins, and then had an enjoyable wander round the town.

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