Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Cold and Misty Winter's Day

A promising, if cold, start to the day.
It seemed as though we were due another bright and sunny day when the sun came up over Bathampton Hill.
The clear skies were also evident at the back of the house. 
Because both Su and I were going to be out for the afternoon, I took Bella for a late morning walk - by which time the clear skies had disappeared and the mist had rolled in.
This kept the frost on the plants.
An ornate example of municipal ironwork.
We avoided the fields and explored around Mount Beacon, passing the Richmond on the way.
Looking down into "Misty Valley". 
I drove off to UWE over Lansdown into sunshine, followed by mist, then sunshine, then mist - all in the space of a mile. Had a practice at UWE with Bob (Frank could not make it today) and found out that Left At The Lights won't be playing at the departmental Christmas Party, as it isn't happening after all. Also had a grand total of 2 out of 11 students turned up for their dissertation supervision this afternoon - it must be the the last week of term. Still, I managed to collect some marking (deep joy!) and caught up with a couple of colleagues. Left ahead of the worst of the rush hour traffic, leavinwithg UWE bathed in red mist…
This day a year ago, the weather threatened rain all day, but held off until after I walked Bella and saw these filigree skeletons of hydrangea flowers.

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