Sunday, 23 December 2012

Melrose Terrace Christmas Outing

A morning with no rain, although the skies were still grey. Got some more logs in, and relocated some out of the secondary log-store (AKA the shed) - realised why it's probably not a good idea to store damp logs in an enclosed space… Pretty fungi, though.
The birds are having a good time eating the contents of the coconut shells we put out for them recently. So far we've seen blue tits, blackbirds, starlings, a jay, and a thrush.
Visited the bamboo plantation at the bottom of the garden - it is really thriving there 
Seed heads from one of our clematis plants. 
Geranium leaves hanging on. 
Took Bella for an early walk - wandered around the streets up on Mount Beacon and around as the fields are just too wet to contemplate trudging through.  Realised how there were once a few grand houses with walled gardens there - most have now built many more houses inside the boundaries but have left the walls standing as with this one on St Stephens Road.
I've not seen an lost insole on my wanderings before, so this is a definite addition to my collection of abandoned items. 
Our winter-flowerring cherry delights every time I pass it - looking forward to more blooms over the next few weeks. 
We went off delivering Christmas cards and then on into Bristol for our Christmas outing. Going through St George's stopped outside the splendidly named "Stuff".
Our destination - a Christmas treat of dim sum for late lunch at Dynasty.
Came home via another Christmas card drop and up past St Stephens church, tonight light up with purple.
This day a year ago, I walked down into town for some last minute shopping. How could I fail to be entranced by these pink reindeer in a shop display?

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