Thursday, 6 December 2012

Frustrating day

It was a cold night and a very frosty start to the morning, so I was very appreciative of Su taking Bella out this morning (this means I get the rainy walk tomorrow morning!). Got out to do some shopping late morning, by which time there was still some frost left on the van windscreen.
I went and experienced the joy of Sainsburys… 
Then moved the van, actually finding a parking space in a car park without height restrictions, so I could go to meet a UWE colleague for lunch. Had a cup of coffee while I waited. 
We had arranged to meet in Bonghy Bo, a nice place in the centre of Bath. My colleague did not turn up, so I consoled myself with thai green curry and noodles before heading off to put some diesel in the van and check the tyre pressures.
Then it was home to rendezvous with Bella for the afternoon walk. Spotted this great name for a garden-focused business. Didn't hear any Motorhead playing though…don't know what the design is meant to signify, either.
It was recycling day today, and the recyclers are clearly getting tough about the 'no black plastic' rule. They didn't take any of the acceptable plastics from this house - that'll show them!

After this, my phone decided to crash repeatedly, so I wasn't able to take any more photographs. The light was fading fast anyway - just over two weeks to the Solstice and then it starts getting lighter again! Now I'm home and plugged the phone in to charge up, it is behaving itself - for now…

This day a year ago, I was playing with the Autostitch app on my phone - putting 17 photographs together (hence the variations in light level across the image) for this panoramic sky picture.

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