Sunday, 2 December 2012

December Dim Sum

Another sunny start to the day, with a glorious sunrise at the front of the house.
Gentle skies at the back of the house. 
The sun coming through the blinds at the front of the house 
Taking Bella out for her morning walk, I was taken by these clouds.
Impressive cloud formations in every direction. 
A recently trimmed hedge. 
The frost had left its traces on the leaf litter. 
This afternoon, we treated ourselves to a visit to Bristol. Noticed this tagging on the outside of an old warehouse - figured the artists must have lowered themselves down from the roof to do it! 
Our destination was Dynasty for a dim sum lunch. 
Their fish pond in the entrance - people throw money in there for some reason - tipping the fish? 
We made a bit of a dent in their menu, and left feeling fuller and very happy. 
This day a year ago, I came home to find the front room taken over by Enviromesh - like an installation by Christo! 


  1. Just a quick note to say I really enjoy reading your blog and admiring your photos. You inspire me to take a little more time and look around more. Best Wishes, Mici.

    1. Hi Mici,

      Many thanks for the feedback - it is really nice to know that people get as much out of reading the blog and the photos as I do from writing it and taking the pictures!

      Happy Reading!