Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Stove and Skies

A dull start to the day, but that soon changed, and the sky showed off our mahonia very nicely.
The sun shone through the pane of glass above our front door, through the stained glass in the hallway all the way to this log basket at the back of the house to colour this log
In the back garden, our silver birch caught the sun on its top branches. 
I spent a fair chunk of the morning with my hands up the inside of our stove pipe - cleaning it out and then putting fire cement around the inside of the joins on the "S" bend. I though that I had cured our smoky smell, but my joy was short lived - after 10 minutes it was back again. So I got back on to the people who fitted it to come back and sort it out for us. Later on, Su suggested that I got out with Bella while the sun was still fairly high in the sky - so up we went to Brockham End. The sheep are out grazing in the field - they need their woolly coats as it's really cold up there!
But it was really sunny and bright as well, which compensated for the chill. 
Into the woods which were not too boggy underfoot. 
Lots of glimpses of the sun poking out from behind clouds and through the trees.
Looking out to the South over the Avon valley. 
It was a beautiful light, illuminating the soggy fields. 
Looking out over Wick, towards North Bristol and on to Wales. There were more photo opportunities, but my phone decided to start crashing on me again - I fear that its days are numbered... 
This day a year ago, I was (surprise!) up at Brockham End - playing with the panoramic app on my iPhone.

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