Friday, 7 December 2012

Hoovering the Walls and Ceiling

A bright start to the morning again, a welcome confounding for my expectations of a wet walk with Bella.
 The sky at the back of the house was a pure blue treat.
Another lost hair band for the forthcoming exhibition of abandoned items. 
These leaves carry on looking beautiful with raindrops on even after they fall from the bush. 
Our local store has been updated and gone completely loco - apparently a new brand under the Nisa umbrella.
A fair part of the day was spent in cleaning upstairs, including lifting the hoover up a ladder to vacuum the walls and ceiling in the bathroom. Our upstairs carpet sheds fibre, which ends up on these surfaces when they get damp from the shower. Consequently this was my view for a while today…
This afternoon, I traded Su the task of washing the hoovered walls and ceiling with sugar soap in exchange for Bella's afternoon walk. The first thing I noticed was the end of a rainbow on the skyline over Charlcombe.
The light in the sky got quite ominous over Solsbury Hill - I should have realised that I wouldn't get away without any rain falling on me today! 
Luckily we were able to shelter in a handy bus stop while the worst of the rain passed over, before more dramatic skies followed on.
Round by St Stephens school, saw a whole row of these bollards and couldn't resist this perspective. 
Looking back at the descending twilight. 
The rain really helps to bring out the colours in petrol and oil spills.
To keep people out, or to keep them in, I wondered:-)? 
"Reserved Area" said the sign on these barriers left by a gap in the railings at the top of a steep slope. 
Beech leaves are a continuing source of brightness and colour through the winter. 
After the land slip near St Stephens Road during the recent heavy rain, there is now an impressive assembly of scaffolding and boards. Does this mean that more falls are expected?
This day a year ago, I was still immersed in marking work for UWE. Su went off to Tetbury, where the really posh people live and posted a sneaky (and much appreciated) blog while I was otherwise distracted.

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