Friday, 21 December 2012

To Holt at the Not-End Of The World

Our oscillating weather continues - so today started off bright with blue skies.
Our winter-flowering cherry has produced its first flowers, with lots more buds still to open.
It has also acquired a trans-genetic tendency by the looks of this apple… 
We went over to Wiltshire for lunch along the A46 …
… before turning off towards Bradford on Avon and following this ambulance through the woods outside Bathford.
We went to the Glove Factory at Holt.
As the name suggests it is an old glove factory, now converted into units - with a brilliant cafe, as we confirmed when we had lunch
Sculpture or a lump of rock on a plinth? You decide…
Su dropped me home, and I debated when the best time to take Bella out for a walk would be, given these massing clouds. 
We should have gone then - earlier than we did. Then we might have missed the rain - but would we have seen this antique jar of quince jelly left by the rubbish collectors yesterday?
Went round by the tennis club and saw this demolished wall - not sure if a vehicle caused this, but I don't expect it will be fixed before New Year.
Looking down the road, yet more of these holey bollards line the pavement. The more I look, the more I see - but I have yet to figure out the rationale for their placement (or for the holes).
Lining a bowling green are some mature silver birches. Ours still has some way to go. 
On Mount Beacon Road, full of grand Georgian houses, saw this carved into a wall opposite. Wonder what they counted there - the profits from Georgian gambling dens?
Further along the road, a painted Georgian house in the process of losing its top coat.
A rare glimpse into a gated house before the gates slid closed.
Abandoned on top of this wall, a beanie hat waiting for its owner. 
This day a year ago, we tried to get to Bradford on Avon but gave up before Su went shopping and I took Bella to Westonbirt where I saw these charcoal ovens. Don't think they've been lit at all this year.
Happy Solstice one and all - and looking forward to the next apocalyptic prediction that fails to come to anything:-).

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