Monday, 10 December 2012

Interview and Skies

Another bright and sunny morning - caught the sun coming up over Bathampton hill (Su had been awake for a while getting the larks up!).
A lovely light in the Charlcombe Valley. 
I was back at UWE again today - not for teaching, but for an interview as a part-time tutor with Kaplan College, who have taken on the preparation of international students for entry into UWE courses. Found this good luck message on my windscreen as I left...
Waiting for the interview, I was diverted by some IT technicians threading vast amounts of ethernet cabling into the ceiling. The interview was fine, and they have offered me some teaching. I can do the first term, but then will be in Greece for all of May so cannot sign up full time. It all helps with the holiday funds!
Popped into the Union shop, and saw this mural outside Blackwell's bookshop - commissioned by the Students' Union, and likely to stay until next Spring according to the little plaque at the bottom.
Saw a few of these stickers around the Faculty - wondered if they are for a religious group?
Walked Bella to Larkhall, and enjoyed these magnificent skies on the way down the hill.
Again, the light was great in the way it picked out parts of the view. 
An abandoned hat woven into the school fence. 
Another lost hat, tastefully arranged atop the fence post. 
Walking back from Larkhall, went past St Saviours Church - it really is a great big Gothic lump.
Winter flowering cherry starting to come out in this front garden. 
This day a year ago, we had planned to go to Westonbirt but it was really cold, so instead we went to Chew Valley Lake (which was no warmer!). Lovely mackerel sky that we enjoyed with a cup of tea in the van.

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