Friday, 28 December 2012

MidWinter Pursuits

An overcast start to the day, but not the deluge that last night's weather forecast had led me to expect.
We had a slow morning leading into a leisurely lunch before heading off to investigate the supposed floods on the River Chew, stopping first at Chew Valley Lake. It was full but not yet overflowing.
The wind started to come up. Su (still afflicted by the tail end of Cold Mark 2) wisely went back to the van before the rain followed.
I stayed out with Bella, having my attention drawn by Su as she headed off to this neatly arranged pair of small person's boots on the noticeboard .
I noticed that this parking notice threatened a penalty, but did not specify exactly what form it might take - a severe telling off, perhaps? Not sure how they might enforce their "penalties". Still not an issue until 1st April...
The reeds are still looking good. 
Bella had brought her ball with her. Here she is waiting for me to kick it for her to chase. Notice the ever-wagging tail. 
A lost button on the path - every abandoned item has a story behind how it came to be there - some no doubt mundane, some possibly bizarre. How can we know which story goes with each item? More on this in later blogs…
On the way home, having discovered that Chew Magna was not under threat of flood just yet, we saw the most unusual sky - just one patch of it being reddened but no sign of any sun whatsoever. 
This day a year ago, the weather was glorious, lighting up the hills around.
Just had a roast dinner followed by profiteroles and wine. Time to go upstairs and try to stay awake through Part 2 of "Restless"!

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