Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Chilling Out for Boxing Day

Su has succumbed to round two of her nasty cold, so she stayed in bed this morning while I took Bella out into a cool but sunny day.
We could have walked for miles, but thankfully didn't!
Lots of old man's beard about.
The sun caught the top of the trees.
The historic cottage next door bathed in sunshine.
The sunny weather didn't last for long, so by the time Bella and I went out for an afternoon walk the skies were grey and the rain kept the paddy fields of Warwickshire topped up.
The rain did help to keep down the odours from this pile of not very well rotted manure.
I had hoped to get Bella to the woods seen behind the muck heap, but the track there got muddier and muddier. Then the sound of shotguns going off was enough to dissuade Bella from wanting to carry on. We turned back, passing these sheep in the lee of the crenelated Oversley castle, due to be turned into apartments.
I was taken by these grasses blowing in the wind.
Coming back over the footbridge on the way back to our cottage, I noticed that neither of the cameras were connected - both had bare wires dangling. I spent the rest of the afternoon watching Boxing Day TV - not often I see four films in a row! Su has been in and out of bed through the day, gradually getting better but still clobbered by her cold.
This day a year ago, we were in Bath walking Bella and visiting neighbours. This was the Christmas wreath on our front door.

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