Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve in Alcester

Up and out with Bella this morning, saw this discarded sweet - a disappointed child is missing it somewhere.
Our local shop had a Christmas Party yesterday afternoon - guess this tinsel-decorated door handle is a legacy of that. 
 Another lost hair band.
Not many photos from most of the day for several reasons. For one, the weather has not been conducive - we have driven up through the Cotswolds today through rain, mist, fog, low cloud and rain with a brief spell of sunshine only near the end of our trip. My phone also kept crashing, so I thought I had some photos but they did not make it into memory. We have arrived in Alcester, where we are staying for a short break over Christmas. Off up to Ben & Lena's in Birmingham tomorrow. The cottage we are staying in has been decorated a little festively!
Quite a few of the houses around here have Christmas lights up, and I have been out snapping some. This is our cottage.
A few doors up the road. 
The best of the lot?
Santa and a snowman on a see-saw - of course! 
Ding dong! 
A restrained display opposite us. 
This day a year ago, we were down at the Farmer's Market in Bath where I saw this impressive display of Brussels sprouts.

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