Saturday, 15 December 2012

Down At The Lake And a Working Stove Again!

After yesterday's deluge, the day started off clement and a lot warmer than of late.
After a leisurely morning, we took ourselves over to Chew Valley Lake. This notice is left over from the Summer, I believe - recent conditions are not conducive to algae growth!
By the time we got there, the clouds had started to come in and the temperature had cooled off by the water. 
A colourful stand of dogwood. 
Further round, and away from the water, it was a bit warmer. Also sheltered a little by these reeds. 
Earlier in the year, this creek was dried out. These ducks were completely unfazed by Bella's interest.
We got back to the van just in time to avoid the rain. Left Bella snoozing there and went for a bite of lunch in the cafe. The rain passed over in dramatic style.
By the time we came out, blue sky was again in evidence. 
Came home to test out our stove. The engineer yesterdaysaid to leave it for a day for the fire cement to cure and the paint fumes to disperse. It's been burning for an hour now, and no smell of smoke to be alarmed about - so fingers crossed that we can start working our way through that big delivery of wood at last!
This day a year ago, our travel plans were taking shape. All went well until the camping in the UK through June - August, which was derailed by our glorious Summer! Maybe better luck this year - we have started fleshing out plans from April up to next Autumn, so fingers crossed that it all works out OK. Symi in May for 4 weeks is definite - and counting off the weeks till then! It was also a mixed day that started well, and I also still had Christmas shopping errands to attend to…

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