Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Back In The World!

After a disturbed night (leaving Su finally to sleep in peace) I eventually got some sleep on the sofa bed and woke with the sun well up in the sky.
Felt quite a lot better and not so sneezy and coughing - the cold might actually be on the way out! Actually got out into the back garden to take some photographs of the clear, sunny morning. 
Out in the garden, our silver birch is losing its bark. 
After lunch, we took ourselves up to Westonbirt - it was a lovely bright afternoon.
We are friends of Westonbirt - wondered if this was a pen for us?:-)
Great use for slices of big tree trunks - make them into garden tables. Nobody would walk off with these in a hurry! 
 It was a lovely light.
In Silk Wood out of the sun, it was really quite cold - but the sun catching the tops of the trees against the sky was a treat. 
Giant acorn and cup sculpture.
We had a cup of hot chocolate on the cafe balcony looking at the sky.  
This day a year ago, we went down to Studland for a short break away - Bella enjoyed dashing in and out of the sea while we walked along the beach at sunset

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