Friday, 14 December 2012

The Rain Relentlessly Returns…

Today's theme is rain. Up early to give Quintin a lift down to the station to catch his train to Bridgwater, it started in earnest. Came back to take Bella out for her morning walk and tested out her smart new waxed-cotton raincoat (well, we do live in Bath - don't you know!). Not many photo opportunities, so I excelled myself taking loads of shots of this broken down bit of shed roof to get this one shot of a raindrop in the process of falling.
I was also taken by the raindrops in this puddle… 
It's been one of those days - I had a migraine this morning and then waited for the engineer to come and sort out our stove pipe. This should be OK now - we'll find out is it has cured the leak for sure when we test it tomorrow (we're letting the cement cure and the paint respray dry off a bit before we light it). 

This day a year ago, I went into UWE for some meetings about my forthcoming Hong Kong teaching and went to the Faculty Christmas do (deep joy!), but not before we had an unexpected fall of snow at home before I left.

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