Thursday, 13 December 2012

Visit From An Old Friend

Another cold start to the day, so frosty plants in evidence once again.
 I liked the way that the veins on these leaves were picked out by the frost.
Had a pretty domestic day shopping, cleaning and walking Bella twice. On our second walk, saw this faded hydrangea flower.
Also saw this osteospermum managing to resist the chills of the frost. 
A lost flat cap. 
The setting sun shining on the ice on the top of this wall. 
The wall on the way to St Stephens Allotments, decorated for a different season. 
St Stephens Church picked out against the setting sun. 
My old friend from University days, Quintin Oliver arrived in Bath this evening so we have had a most enjoyable time eating, drinking and talking. I have spared him another appearance on this blog - but maybe I'll snap him in the morning when I drop him off at the station:-).

This day a year ago, we had all sorts of weather in one day - this was a brooding sky promising more inclement weather to come…

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