Thursday, 29 December 2011

Vaguely Practical - and Definitely Not

Awake for the bin men at 7.40 am.  I think that's the earliest they have come, although we are told to expect them any time from 7 o'clock.  Unlike some bin men I read about on other blogs, they are not evil! Berries aplenty still on bushes, seen when I tok Bella for her morning stroll.
Bin men not got here yet, although their advance party have been through.
Almost like a country lane, which it would have been not too long ago.  Long term residents have told us how they used to play in the orchards that once covered this hillside.
Bath has some steep hills.  These steps can be treacherous when wet.
Old man's beard, or is it Russian vine remnants?  Su may know...
I finally got the replacement for my old 1st Generation iPod nano today.  Having sent off a 4 Gb one because of possible battery fault, I got a brand new 6th Gen 8 Gb model with extra functionality and much smaller size (watch shown for scale, although I found the iPod has a load of options for watch displays, including one with sweeping second hand...).
Carried on taking down the curtains in the van today.  Found this very sleepy bee in there - and another one found Su a little later!
Not very practically at all, went out for lunch without my money.  So we returned home instead, and I continued working on hanging my first ever door - after all these years!.  It's up, but needs some fine tuning...
Weather seems to be set foul for a few days, so we may not be jaunting off for a few days yet. New Year's Day Party music to sort out, and a few other practical tasks to work at...

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