Sunday, 4 December 2011

Clear Head Once More!

After being put out of action by a headache since Friday night, I was up bright and early today to move the van so that our next door neighbours could get their removal van parked outside their house.  As they have now moved, I guess they are our old neighbours? This means that we will no longer hear the joyous sounds of three under-6 girls stamping around on bare floorboards (and roller skating on them) any time after 6 am.  But we don't yet know what our new neighbours will be like (they move in next Saturday)...

Took Bella down to Victoria Park - our old morning stamping ground from my work days, much photographed in this blog.  I've not shown this stand of silver birches before
 As it was such a grey day in Bath, and I wanted to keep my head and sinuses clear we went off to the beach at Brean, not sure what weather we would find there.  Drove through rain, into brightness, and then rain again.  At the beach, in one direction it was beautifully bright and clear (if challengingly cold and breezy!)
 In the other direction, the clouds were massing - we sat in the van and watched the sheets of rain falling across Bridgwater Bay as we had a sandwich and a cup of tea.
 After lunch, I took Bella out for another spin on the beach and much chasing of her ball until the rain came down again and the wind got even chillier. The skies were magnificent.
 Rainbows appeared in the sky all through the afternoon.  This one even made the caravan park look special.
 The clouds moved fast, and when the sun came through the effect was stunning
 Changing skies all afternoon.
Tomorrow, I return to the land of marking with a clear head and a head full of sky!

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  1. Goo luck with your new neighbours. I hope they are not into dodgy loud music; spot welding cars late at night or have full-blown maritals through the night. (We have had all of these in the past)>