Monday, 12 December 2011

Sunny Dawn to Torrential Rain...

Another clear dawn over Bathampton Hill.
Took Bella round the back of the terrace up the hill
It was pretty cold up there - frost on the bonnet of this old Saab
A view along the whole terrace
Some heather doing very nicely in a front garden
I went off to the dentist (in Bathampton) to get a filling sorted out. After this I decided to enjoy some more sunshine, so I drove up and around the Southern rim of the bowl that surrounds Bath - past the University and the old Admiralty before being sucked into the joy of Sainsburys. Ended up buying almost the same items as Su who had gone off elsewhere for a meeting, so we now have lots of some supplies!

The weather started to deteriorate mid afternoon, so by the time we went out this evening it was pretty wet and windy.  This advertising hoarding in the car park came adrift and wrapped itself into an enigma.
We had complimentary tickets to see "The Artist" - for a change not at the Little Theatre but at the Odeon. This is a silent film (apart from the music, which always accompanied silent films anyway) covering the period when silent films gave way to the talkies. Lots of hommage and references to classics from the Golden Age of Hollywood, and some great acting. The music was spot on, and there are two short sections where there is some diegetic sound.  A real treat for anyone who likes film, and a delight for anyone with an interest in film sound. It is being talked about as an Oscar nominee - well deserved too!
Tomorrow, we have tickets to see "Romantics Anonymous" at the Little Theatre, and we will probably see another film on Wednesday...

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