Sunday, 18 December 2011

South to the Sea!

After the joys of Birmingham (Happy Birthday, Ben!), today we pointed the van southwards and drove through Wiltshire and Dorset to the sea. The day had started off frosty and clear, with the veins on fallen leaves picked out in white.

Lovely bright clear weather - we stopped for a picnic on the side of a quiet road near some woods. Bella was happy because she found an "Utterly Butterly" container to play with while we ate sandwiches and drank tea. Some amazing fungi on trees there.

Came into Studland with an amazing view over Poole harbour and Bournemouth. We have treated ourselves to a little bit of luxury, not the least of which has been the sunset over Studland beach this evening. Bella was extremely happy, diving in the water to retrieve a stick, and is now snoozing after her tea.

As I am writing this with the Blogger app on my iPad, I have no control over the order in which the pictures appear after I have written the words. Apologies if it is a bit of a puzzle to match pictures to words!

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