Saturday, 24 December 2011

Here's Your Christmas Box!

Spotted on a visit to Westonbirt this afternoon - specially for you!
This is what it looks like, wrapped up in wide meshed plastic.
The day started with Su telling me the sky was pretty dramatic - brooding and red (we had some rain later on). She often brings my attention to interesting sights that feature on the blog.  She will hopefully be tempted to post again soon...
 Spotted this plea while walking Bella.
Our winter-flowering cherry is still blooming - a delight on grey days.
We set off to the Bath Farmers' Market early - my third day in town in a row! It was surprisingly quite calm.  We were served at the vegetable stall by a young Santa and his "assistant Elf"
 I've never seen so many brussels sprouts in one place before!
Popped into Sainsburys for a few items - again mercifully uncrowded (even walked straight up to a till). Spotted this fairy/chicken(?) in the dairy section...
Later on we went up to Westonbirt, leaving Bath in sunshine, driving through heavy rain, but arrived as the skies were clearing.
Su spotted this entrance into a stand of tall conifers - very spooky inside. 
 A smaller entrance into the same dark dell...
 Su was on full alert today - seeing this stand of Lawson Cypresses (I only know the name because I photographed the label...) and their hair-like (unbrushed!) arrangement of branches
On the way back to the van, yet another brilliant red stand of dogwood caught my eye.
Now back home,  presents wrapped apparently, yummy smells from the kitchen, and a nice scented candle burning in the living room.  I got the Christmas wreath on the front door, and some functioning lights hanging up, although the mega string has given up the ghost. We're off over to Nailsea for Christmas lunch tomorrow, so I plan to post from there during the day. Until then Merry Christmas, one and all!

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