Monday, 19 December 2011

Shorter Break Than Intended!

We had planned to have a short break of a few days down in Studland.  Unfortunately, the garden suite we had booked had had a heavy smoker in there just before us, and the hotel had not got the smell out of the carpets, curtains, furniture, pillows and mattress... In short, we felt like we had slept in an ashtray - fitfully and badly. Being former smokers doesn't help. Unfortunately, the hotel could not offer us a replacement room we were happy with, so we have returned to Bath to rethink. Not before another short walk this morning, where we saw this proto-seahorse carving in the National Trust workshop area.
 The weather has been rainy, but hardly the apocalyptic deluge that the Met Office predicted. They seem to over-dramatise predictions these days - Su says it is all due to insurance companies not paying out for weather damage if not forecast. After an OK drive back up from Dorset, I managed to stay awake enough to get Bella out for a damp walk. This iris is still blooming - two days short of the solstice!
 And this cornflower is hanging on too!
 The weather is grey and drizzly...
 But the greyness shows off light-decorated trees quite well 
 I haven't yet started going up to people's front windows and photographing their Christmas trees inside.  I'll try to resist that urge and not get arrested!
Tomorrow, the weather should improve and Su is talking about the delights of a trip to Ikea! 


  1. IKEA? The week before Christmas? You very brave man.

  2. The reason you didn't have a downpour of rain is that we had it all here!