Saturday, 17 December 2011

Brum and Back...

Up with the sun again, and a lovely start to the day.
A little later on the sun came out from behind the clouds.
After breakfast we set off for Birmingham to see Ben and Lena before Christmas (and his birthday tomorrow). Went via Nailsworth, where we saw this steam engine slowing up the traffic going in the opposite direction.
On the way the skies were clear, snow lay on the Malverns and the pylons marched across the landscape.
Had a lovely lunch at Ben and Lena's in Birmingham, followed by a walk in Kings Heath Park.  Ben demonstrated his hat and his skills on the giant marimba installation.
Su and Lena played on the bells...
 ... and the chimes.
Lena modelled her winter hat, a companion to Ben's.
A carved tree trunk completed the setting.
The sun was setting as we made our way back to the house.
Drove home through the sunset. Home in time to catch the final of "Strictly Come Dancing"! Tomorrow sees us heading South - check the blog tomorrow for a report.

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