Thursday, 15 December 2011

Travel Plans Taking Shape...

The forecast for today threatened awful weather, but the day started calmly enough, and the sun came out on and off all morning.  We didn't go to the pictures as we had thought we might - Su went off to meet her yoga group before some successful clothes shopping and I hung out at home after the excitement of visiting UWE yesterday.
This morning I had a phone call to discuss my PhD external examining in Dublin - agreed that it will probably be in March. So the itinerary for next year is shaping up quite well:- Hong Kong in February, Dublin in March, April sees Su taking off in the van with Bella while I go back to Hong Kong, Greece in May, and off in the van through the Summer. Just need to sort out January now! Shame I have to work some of the time, but it does help pay for these travels!
 For some reason I was moved to do some more ironing today, but took a break to photograph these clematis stems
 This afternoon, I took Bella for a walk up at my favourite spot, but managed to leave the phone in the van, so I have no pictures of the walk today - not very scenic as the sky was quite cloudy with pastels of grey, pale blue and pink. I had parked up on the main road for a change, looking over towards Swainswick.
 We left for home as the sun was setting and cars leaving Bath.
Tomorrow we plan to go into town - still things to buy as the Christmas deadline approaches!

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