Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Different Day

Su left me to lie in this morning, so I eventually emerged after 9 - just as she left for town to spend her Christmas vouchers. After breakfast, I was about to go outside and start doing things when the skies opened. This is the aftermath..
Went to pick Su up from town and drive into Bristol for a Chinese lunch, by which time the sun had decided to conform to the weather forecast.
Drove into Bristol to find the bottom of the M32 clogged with traffic, so diverted round to Old Market, to try and get to Dynasty, the Chinese restaurant. This too was clogged, so we decided that we would abandon our attempt until after New Year.  Ended up going to the Rose & Crown at Wick, which we have driven past loads of times but never been in. Noticeable for very low doorways (must be less than 5 foot).
I had a very tasty venison and merlot pie, while Su ended up with multiple double yolked eggs!
The car park has its own period lamp-post
Came home and took Bella out.  Passed this house which always has a painting on display in the window. They change about once a month, and are generally on a nautical theme for some reason.
The light this afternoon was beautiful, making everything it touched glow.
Even the girls' school at the top of the hill - very gothic but lightened today.
What every home needs - a balcony with a multi-coloured lion.
Busy today, with two horse riders and a cyclist - not the hordes of walkers I saw up here on Boxing Day.
Passed the frog sign (and another dirty creepy Neighbourhood Watch one).  Every Spring, this road is closed and volunteers help frogs migrate down the hillside to mating sites (our garden pond included!)
A dovecot silhouetted as the sun started to drop.
View of Solsbury Hill and across towards Box.
Not what you want to find when you come out to your car after Christmas!
After giving Bella her tea, went up the road to meet up with Su and others at Mark and Adge's for scones and jam with port - a very civilised pursuit indeed!

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