Thursday, 8 December 2011

Pavement Runes and More Skies

Got the marking out of the house today - Stephen popped in to pick it up, have a coffee and share techy tips. Unlike yesterday, today has been wet and windy - but nowhere near as bad as further North. So on my walks today I have looked at the ground rather than the skies. Pavement markings I saw a while ago were the precursor to new tarmac, so I wonder what these will lead to... 
 At first, I thought this was somebody practising their tagging - or perhaps a copy of a Led Zeppelin album logo
Just along the road I saw this, so maybe it's the output of an artistically-oriented tradesperson
Political statement? Uncertain direction indicator?
Last night, Su and I had a lovely meal at Yum Yum Thai before going to see "My Week With Marilyn" - an enjoyable film with great performances by Michelle Williams and Kenneth Branagh, and nice cameos by Judi Dench et al.  Earlier on, I managed to get away from marking and into the beautiful afternoon, coming back with this clutch of panoramic sky photographs

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