Friday, 2 December 2011

Limited horizons today...

After a morning of marking, Su rescued me and took me out for lunch.  The name doesn't reflect how busy the cafe gets at the moment - again we were lucky to get a seat.
The silver birch in our back garden is a splash of colour on a grey day.
 After lunch, I managed another few assignments before taking Bella out. Not getting used to darkening skies at 3 o'clock - thankfully not much longer before it starts get lighter again. Less daylight and cooling weather means that the bindweed is finally starting to die back.
 Took Bella for a walk locally, up the back of this terrace up the hill
The view looking down the hill
 Remnants of a skateboarding set up?
The path down to Fairfield Park Road...
 Noticed some new graffiti -  but I can't make out this tag..
 Nor this one...
Thug's is still in evidence...
The sky was leaden
 This path was boggy
 So we stayed on the road after that
 Went past The Richmond Arms - not open, otherwise I might have been tempted...
 Caught this lamp in the process of changing from red to sodium orange as it warmed up.
 Looking up the hill
 Got home to find Su had moved the furniture around, and had Enviromesh covering the living room floor.  I thought she might be emulating Christo and Jeanne Claude!
Did some more marking until I started to develop a migraine.  So I've stopped for the day - apologies for the nature of this blog post. Tomorrow should be better!

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