Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A Focused Day

Looking out the back of the house this morning away from the sunrise for a change, the sky was full of promise.
 Walked Bella up the hill, where there was evidence of our first brush with ground frost this Winter.
 Turning round, the sky was magnificent by now, so I tried to capture its sweep - this is 17 shots stitched together, so some variation in light across the frame.
 After breakfast dropped Su down into town to see "The Deep Blue Sea".  Not really my kind of film, and I still had other calls on my time.  On the way back, passed these film students at play work.
Most of the rest of today has been engaged in glazed expression with red pen scratching way at poor student's assignments.  I have nearly broken the back of the pile, and should (fingers crossed) be done with it by tomorrow evening, in time to go and see "My Week with Marilyn" with Su.

In the midst of all this assessment activity, news that our hotel in Hong Kong is booked for February. Also, a request for me to be an external examiner for a PhD in Dublin.  So, it looks as though academic pursuits will continue to support our travelling - and I thought I'd retired!

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  1. Marcus, it's your job to remain working to support Su in the mannner to which she'd like to become accustomed.