Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Into Town and Success with a Screwdriver!

Weather uninspiring today - but saw this savagely trimmed tree with odd stray branch, while walking Bella.
After a quick breakfast, we set off into town.  This view from Camden across to Bathampton shows a door with a tile bearing the legend "Cave Canem" ("Beware of the Dog")
Like lots of Bath, it's a Neighbourhood Watch area (but clearly not a clean sign area).  I find the images on these signs quite creepy (who's watching who?)...
Just to make sure that you get heard trying to gain entrance to this house.
Who was "RDG", I wonder - or was it "Rog"?
Even the top of the rubbish bins opposite Camden Crescent are ornate!
I've seen specials boards for meals, drinks, sales and clothes - but never for wood.
We walked down the other side of Lansdown to usual, and noticed different aspects such as this former pharmacy shop front.
And the detailing on the rather grand Belvedere Villas, situated very conveniently for the Assembly Rooms.  Looking round, we could see that there must have been a dozen shops or so on this stretch of road, making it a proper village in its time.
Somebody had left flowers tied to the railings.  Don't know if this is to commemorate anything or anybody in particular.
We went down to the Little Theatre to see "The Lady" starring Michelle Yeoh and David Thewlis, a Luc Besson film about Aung San Suu Kyi. It concentrated on the emotional consequences of her political involvement in Burmese politics, although there was quite a bit about the oppressive nature of the military junta and their attempts to stop democratic change (unfortunately successfully so far). Good acting and some beautiful photography.
After that we went for some lunch at Jimmy Spices, a new eat-as-much-as-you-like Italian/Chinese/Indian/Japanese etc. restaurant. Not as good as we had been led to believe, but it filled us up (rather too much...) Saw this futuristic bin on the way to catch the bus.
When Su took Bella off to the park for an intensive bout of ball chasing, I christened my new 16 piece screwdriver set by managing to remove most of the curtains from the van.  Darkness stopped me tackling the last two awkward ones, and I have some screwdrivers as yet unused! Tomorrow will see me being blokishly practical again...

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  1. Happy Christmas to you all. Thanks for the warning about Jimmy Spice. It was one I was thinking of but am always a little sceptical about 'all you can eat' places. They seem to like overloading the salt and fat so the thirsty punters buy more expensive pop (water is never available).