Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Celebrations!

At last the day to give those carefully hidden presents, and to receive some.  I think Su may be suggesting something to me with this one...
 A great piece of design to amplify my iPhone output by 13 dB - and no batteries involved!
Took Bella for a walk and a chase of a tennis ball down in Victoria Park. The bark and lichen on this London Plane tree appealed.
Then it was time to head off for Nailsea, bearing gifts and chocolates, as per our instructions!
The table before it was piled high with delicious food and people to eat it. There were ten of us, and a jolly feast was enjoyed by all!
Head chef, Richard, proudly wearing his Mythos apron and his suitably frazzled expression.

After the first course, and pulling of crackers, we enjoyed indoor sparklers (captured by Su).
Su captured my pose showing the effect that this had on me. Managed to recover enough to drink coffee and play charades.
Now back at home, glowing with full tummies and seasonal goodwill.  Many thanks to Richard and Barbara for a lovely day, and for Bella's super toy!

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