Saturday, 3 December 2011


Poor Marcus has taken to his bed again as his head is pounding so here I am again with a selection of pics I took this afternoon up at Bath racetrack

As you can see it was sunset and the rooks were busy sorting themselves out before settling for the night. I took these photographs with the telephoto so the black splodges above the trees really are birds!

Meanwhile Bella spent the whole time searching for a ball with no success but fortunately I found a bit of stick for her to takes so little to please her and I always feel wretched if she's thwarted (great word...wonder where it originates?).

Anyway I can hear signs of life so you may get another blog after all.......

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  1. Pity you missed the racing. Wrong place, I'm afraid as the nearest meeting was at Chepstow. Better luck next time.