Thursday, 22 December 2011

Early Walk then "Resistance"

A variation in what has become my routine of late. Still had time for a cup of coffee in bed first though. After Su went off to meet up with a friend to talk about the delights of Hong Kong, I took Bella for her long walk of the day this morning.  So just after 10 o'clock we were up on Lansdown in brilliant sunshine, looking at flowers.
 Stopping by the historic battle sign
1643, and the monarchists are still celebrating their defeat of the Roundheads...
This walk is part of the Cotswold Way, which seems to be everywhere you turn in Bath!
Part of the hillside was fenced off to keep sheep in - they were not curious today, so no pictures of them.  I always wondered how shepherds got up and going!
The sky was clear, and particularly good for vapour trails.  I am normally up here in the afternoon, so really appreciated the way that it looked so different in morning light.
Looking out over to the west - great arcs of cloud.
Coming back to the van, these vapour trails against this stand of trees appealed to me.
After the walk and a bit of household activity, it was time to go and get the paper on my way down into town. Saw this van again, this time in daylight. Maybe I should get a bonnet protector for mine - I wonder if they come in psychedelic patterns?
Down to the "Little Theatre" to see "Resistance", an alternative history where D-Day failed and the Germans invaded. Set in a Welsh valley, it was very powerful - some lovely photography, great pacing - unafraid to have stillness on screen, as well as some good editing and a tremendous performance by Andrea Riseborough.  Michael Sheen good as ever.  All in all, a real surprise and a treat - recommended to all film fans!
Met Su outside the cinema, examining this display.  Her hand points out a detail of the scheme.
Walking back to the car, I thought this was a rather mighty hinge
This hairdresser in Widcombe had quite a surreal display for Christmas.
Tomorrow, Su is off out to lunch again (it's a hard life!), while I have yet to decide what activities I will engage in to report tomorrow...

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