Sunday, 11 December 2011

Front Gardens and Tagging

Slow start to the day - maybe it's because Bella has settled down and is less fidgety at night, or the increasingly-late dawn as we get near to the Solstice, or it could have been the delicious lamb shanks that Su prepared last night, of course! Breakfast was late and light over the Sunday papers. I took Bella out for an early afternoon walk in the gloom before the forecast rain started. Still bright enough for these delicate flowers to catch my eye.
 And yet another tagger practising their art
 Evidence of much trimming at the back of Damien's house - his parking area where the street party music area sets up.  We are having a New Year's Day barbecue and fireworks do there three weeks today.
 Just what every home needs - a restricted access street sign just in case of emergencies.
 Local communications node
 The skies threatened to open all the way round our walk
 In a front garden, I noticed these lacy hydrangea flower skeletons - so much more attractive than the pom-pom flowers themselves
 An extremely obscure example of a pavement rune - or a very disciplined tagger?
 In another front garden, these leaves caught my eye
 More tagging - lots of it about at the moment
 Someone who reckons they are the tops?
 A most unlikely claim...
 The remains of ivy on a garden fence
 Interesting street art but not sure what it is meant to be...
 Managed to get round our walk before the rain came down. It started as Su and I zoomed into Bristol for a delicious late dim sum lunch. On the way back to the house after parking the car, we remarked on our neighbours' modest front garden Christmas display.
Talking of Christmas, we are sending cyber greetings this year - rather than chopping down trees for cards, we'll burn fossil fuels to power the e-card server!:-)

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