Tuesday, 13 December 2011

How Much Weather Can One Day Bring?

A dry start to the day, but the clouds were massing.
Out with Bella, and the sky darkened ahead of the rain that caught us on the way home.
Later on, we had some hail which almost whited out the landscape completely.
These poor broccoli plantlets have survived being nibbled by cabbage white butterflies until late into the Autumn, and now they have to put up with this!
Bob touched down with his mandolin for a couple of hours - we may have even found some other songs to cover.  We need some more jolly material though.  All suggestions welcome that a voice, guitar and mandolin (with unpredictably occasional bass) might not utterly ruin...
After seeing Bob off, it was time to take Bella out again.  The skies really darkened and we went out to see evidence of snow this time. We had more direct evidence when big wet flakes of it enveloped us  quite determinedly.
Up at Charlcombe field, the sky was brooding
Bella didn't mind, because she had her waterproof warm coat on. It was decidedly cold!
As the clouds passed over and the snow stopped, the skies brightened
Then the sun came out and bathed Little Solsbury and Bailbrook in brilliant light, and we got part of a rainbow to complete our selection of weather phenomena for the day.
Tonight we have been out to see "Romantics Anonymous" at the Little Theatre.  A light romantic comedy that couldn't make its mind up about what path to take through the various situations the characters were in.  Pleasant enough, with a really good performance by Benoit Poelvoorde, but not up to the pitch that the Little Theatre have been hyping it for the last month or more.
Tomorrow I am going back into UWE to talk about arrangements for teaching in Hong Kong, and to put in a claim form for the marking I did recently.  Will also put in an appearance at the Faculty Christmas "do" late afternoon before coming back to see "The Silence", a German murder film (again at  the Little Theatre) - apparently if you like The Killing", it should be to your taste.  In the morning, Su may go and see "Resistance", an alternative WW2 history based in Wales with Michael Sheen. Film watching feast time!

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  1. We escaped the hail down the A36 (south side of Bath,Tellisford). You have mentioned a few times about musical sessions. Are you going to post a few; I would love to hear how you sound?