Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Ikea, Colerne and "Hugo"

We caught up with our sleep deficit last night - Su left me dozing in the early hours, so I woke to another  promising start to the day.  That was as good as it got - the promised sun never materialised.
 So, after a cup of coffee and a quick scan of the paper, it was time to go to Bristol for the joys of Ikea
 One of their cheap breakfasts was the first stop, where we saw this nattily attired gentlemen entertaining his grandchildren.
 We sat on sofas and chairs, looked at sink units, discussed possibilities for our house. Finally found our way out with two rugs and some tea towels...
 After a lunch of baked camembert and salad, it was time to continue in holiday mode. The rain started as we went to have a look at Colerne, a village about 5 miles away.  I went there once many moons ago for some consultancy work, but couldn't recollect it at all.  It is quite old in parts - we saw houses with 17th Century dates on, but also much more modern building and extensions - a real mix.
 From Victorian days?
 New development for migratory population...
 We took Bella for a walk in Frank's Wood, which was edged by this fine example of dry stone walling done through a community project.
 We saw quite a few animal-themed statues.  This festively adorned pig drew our attention.
 A rather grand lion a few doors along the road
 And some tinsel-wrapped stone geese a bit further.
 This is a capped well, which I presume was the original water supply for the village.
 The notice inside its little "house" was so faded that all I could make out was "Chippenham District Council Water Supply"
 One of the local pubs with a very nautical name for a landlocked establishment. One more bell and it would be a real rough house...
 As dusk fell, the Christmas lights shone out.  This house was the most extravagant we saw...
Tonight we are off out for a Thai meal and then going to see Martin Scorsese's "Hugo" (in 2D rather than 3D) at the Little Theatre.

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