Friday, 23 December 2011

Rainy Day

The only blue sky seen all day was just after dawn as the clouds rolled in.
I wandered down into town again, just to experience the joy of Christmas crowds (although they were not as full on as I had feared expected. Saw another tagger's mark on the way - "420" or "Azo"? Seems to be sharing the same spray can as others I have seen recently.
Interesting place to keep a hat.
Impressive piece of municipal ironmongery.
You'd have to be of pretty slight stature to be under this mistletoe for a kiss!
Artistic addition if a few stickers transforms this rusty bit of pipework into a whole other character.
Camden Crescent without scaffolding for the first time in months.
Palm trees opposite.
All your plastering needs - a Christmas off-licence slogan?
Flying pig in the window of the Flying Pig Restoration Company.
Yet another Santa-fied pig in their window.
I took a detour down the hill above Hedgemead Park, and saw this interesting conversion.
What every shop window needs - pink reindeer!
This antique lighting shop seemed a bit conflicted about its status...
Railings that mean business. Bath's railings survived the WW2 cull - actually a propaganda activity as the metal was never used for tanks, as claimed. This was because of the number of basement flats and sheer drops there are around town, so the railings were kept in the interests of public safety. 
CAught a rare glimpse of an open under-pavement storage vault.
The Assembly Rooms, novel location for Jane Austen's sharp wit to be deployed  (and of a couple of great concerts we've seen in Music Festivals)
This hairdresser thoughtfully letting us know today's date.
Why Bath has a pub called "The Crystal Palace is beyond me.
Having worked my way through many streets and shops, it was time to head home - and the skies opened.  Luckily, I made it to the bus stop ahead of the bus and without getting utterly soaked. It was wet.
The streets magically emptied, and shop doorways file dup.
After a late lunch, time to take Bella out into the now drizzly dusk for a stomp around the streets.
Tomorrow we are off to market bright and early - maybe the hordes will join us there?


  1. I do like photo 2907 with the eyes. Is that meant to be a bushy moustache underneath?

  2. I believe that is what inspired the stickerist to action - the perception of moustache and nose..... But until I manage to track them down, we'll just have to speculate!