Saturday, 10 December 2011

At The Lake

A clear and cool morning. As I set off to get the paper with Bella, met Guy - one of our new next door neighbours who had just arrived to start the process of moving in. Our old neighbours haven't gone far - just up the hill on one of our regular dog walking routes, so we'll still see lots of them.  No sign of any children next door to replace the three who have moved, so hopefully no more roller skates on bare boards at 6 am. Mind you, we do have newly-born Fay on the other side...
 There was a frost last night and it was decidedly cool walking about this morning.
 Decided not to go to Westonbirt again today as it would have been really cold. Instead we set off for Chew Valley Lake, hoping that the sun would come back after it clouded over mid-morning.  Got there and had our picnic before setting off for a walk.
 These reeds were perfectly still until I went to photograph them, when the breeze came up!
 The skies did brighten up...
...depending which direction you looked in - this was over the lake
 Almost monochrome scenes
 But five minutes later, the sun was out and Bella was happily chewing a stick.
 Went back to the van to brew up a cup of tea, and Su went off to buy some biscuits to accompany it.
Enjoyed our cuppa, admired the scenery and this great mackerel sky.
Came back via the supermarket (deep joy - I sat in the van while Su battled through!). The Occupy Bath protest were packing up as we drove round Queens Square - they had appealed for fuel to keep them warm during the day when they were there.  Guess it's getting too cold now. At home,  managed to get the van parked right outside the house! Feeling sometimes (like lots of people do, I'm sure) as though we live in a car park does keep us talking about the idea of moving house.  Or maybe it was seeing the secluded Italian hillside house on a relocation programme on Su's iPad this morning...

We were meant to be in Nailsea for the Blue Flame Sloe Gin night, but don't think we'll make it somehow.

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