Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Mixing with the "Knobs" aka Posh People!

As Marcus is still marking I decided to sneak in another blog....hee, hee!!    

        Because we live in Bath people we meet on our travels assume we are "posh" and everybody who lives here is posh too.  But the really posh lot (royal family and their chums) live up the road in Tetbury which is where I decided to go and do a bit of Christmas window shopping (being non-posh can't afford to buy anything there).

The building with the clock is ye olde market hall where I spent all of 3 minutes as the only things for sale were the usual Xmas craft stuff - multi-coloured felt angels, scarves that resemble draft excluders and earings that would look lovely on the Christmas tree.
On my way out I noticed the original sign just inside the doors -scarey stuff!

Spent a happy hour or so in the book shop before hunting down a cup of coffee and a toasted teacake (homemade) at a coffee shop inside an antique shop selling lots of strange and wonderful things including these jolly chaps.....

.....which actually weren't for sale!

Well I didn't see either Charles or Camilla today and it was too cold to keep taking my camera out but spotted a couple of people dressed up for the hunt out riding but failed to get a pic as I was driving at the time. There's always next time........

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  1. very posh dwarves indeed.....and hunting, the pastime of the idle rich!