Friday, 1 November 2013

Record-Breaking, Bristol Return and Grey Walk

October was a record-breaking month for views of this blog - at 4,954 views this was a whole 995 blogviews more than the previous high of October last year. Many thanks to all our viewers!
We went back into Bristol again through a grey and dismal day.
Whizzing past the autumnal trees at the end of Lansdown.
We were back to this  temple of Scandinavian design again.
Abandon hope all ye who enter here - especially at the end of the half-term holiday:-)
We managed to escape quickly and without buying anything for the second visit in a week (although we shall return when some sorting out of the house gets done). On the way out, passed St Werburghs and admired this spectacular spaced-out mural.
Coming up the hill to the church.
Out with Bella this sfternoon, spotted this evidence of Halloween celebrations in our new neighbours' front window.
An abandoned sweet on this fence post - after last night's marauding bands of sweet-demanding children.
Came across this personalised numberplate - not sure how apposite it is on a BMW sports car.
Looking down Malvern Terrace to Solsbury Hill.
Tomatoes still on the vine - just like the Symi stragglers we saw.
Bella found a ball and we made our way up the hill to Charlcombe Lane once more.
This flame tree and leaves caught my eye on a grey dismal day.
Getting ready for Bonfire Night.
This tree looked grand.
This passion flower is still blooming at the beginning of November.
There are still flowers emerging - they'll have a shock when the temperature drops!
This day a year ago,  we saw these jolly painted chairs at Dick Willows - now sadly no longer in business.
When We Were Young(er),  in 1991 on our way back from Folegandros we were chilling on Paros with Don (his partner, Tom, took the photograph).

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