Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Cinema, Grey Skies and Decorations

Went to the Little Theatre yesterday evening to see Gloria, an eponymous Chilean film about the main character and her encounters. Most enjoyable…
I admired some of the Christmas decorations. 
Today has been a grey day with few photo opportunities. Out with Bella this afternoon, after another visit to UWE for project supervision, I saw another car with artificial flowers on the dashboard - strange.
"What do you build?" "We make fields" - surely not!! 
The brightest part of our walk was this flashing light outside the Royal High School. 
I've never noticed this decorative door glass before - it really stood out in the dusk. 
This day a year ago, I was also at UWE where Left At The Lights were practising in the Surround Studio ahead of an upcoming open mic night
When We Were Young(er) in early May 2003 on Tilos, we found lots of Spring flowers to enjoy.

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