Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Two Days To Report On

Missed yesterday's blog post because I ran out of time before bed - it was a busy, but not very photogenic day. Grey skies and rain on and off through the day made our birch tree a beacon at the end of the garden. I spent some time wielding our chainsaw on the pile of old wood under it.
Another thing I did was to clean quite a few of the downstairs windows inside the house - and this one outside. In the process  I disturbed our resident fat spider, which was most disgruntled about having to move 
Took Bella out for her afternoon walk, where the brightest things on display were the trees. 
These larches are a real treat on a dismal day. 
This stand of trees up the hill from us also gave me pause to stop and admire. 
Spotted some tagging on a garage wall that I haven't noticed before.
This morning was a different story - woke up to this lovely sunrise. 
Out with Bella in the cool breeze and the brilliant sunshine, I admired our neighbour's roses still flowering. 
This holly tree has loads of berries. 
Looking over towards Little Solsbury. 
The sun barely clears the top of this terrace at this time of the year. It felt like the end of Autumn and the beginning of winter with the coolness this morning - and we have colder weather forecast (and our boiler still isn't properly sorted - glad we have our multi-fuel stove downstairs!). 
The last of the leaves hanging on to the top of this tree. 
This day a year and a day ago, we had our first frost of the season. 
This day a year ago, we woke to this doomy sunrise. It was the best weather we saw all day.

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