Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Glorious Morning Light and Skies

Another lovely sunrise today.
The scene at the back of the house was, if anything, more breathtaking - with frost on roofs and mist in the valley. 
The sun grazed the top of the valley. 
Wispy clouds in a blue sky. 
Out with Bella, this car roof showed off how cold it was last night. Cold enough to make more leaves fall off our winter-flowering cherry.
More wispy clouds on the skyline. 
Red berries and silvered leaves. 
A frosted wheelbarrow tyre caught my eye. 
A wintry morning view. 
The sun showed off these leaves beautifully. 
Looking down Malvern Terrace towards Little Solsbury. 
This dog and cat both looked very suspiciously at Bella as we passed.
More stunning clouds and blue skies. 
In our back garden, the sedum looked most elegant with a dusting of frost. That was the best part of the day - shortly thereafter, the skies clouded over and I went to UWE for the afternoon. We're off out to see the Chilean film Gloria at the Little Theatre this evening - review tomorrow.
This day a year ago, I was impressed with how these teazles looked so late in the year.
When We Were Young(er) in 2005, we had an overnight stay on Rhodes before we caught the ferry to Symi. Came across this memorial to 1604 Jewish victims of Nazi concentration camps - "Never Forget".

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