Sunday, 17 November 2013

Upside Down Dog, Street Adornments and Dim Sum

A misty and grey day without even the hint of sunrise to be seen this morning. Bella didn't mind at all.
Su's addiction… 
Took Bella out for an early walk - she's still quite stiff after our Sand Bay walk, so quite a gentle amble. Passed these scattered petals on the pavement. 
Nasturtiums still going strong in this pot. 
This plastic-wrapped cylinder on the pavement is about 5 metres long - is it a replacement lamp post? 
Dismal day, but bright trees relieved the greyness.
We went into Bristol, stopping briefly in St Georges. I admired the detail of the brickwork on this terrace.
A good bit of street art. 
Then it was off for a long-overdue visit to Dynasty - we haven't been since before we last went to Symi. It was a delicious feast that I managed to photograph before we scoffed the lot (Su's hand featured here in the process of snaffling a yam croquette).
This day a year ago, we went to a memorial service for Helena Wildblood. Afterwards, we took Bella for a walk at Chew Valley Lake where the sunset went on and on.
When We Were Young(er) in 1990, this was our Serifos beach encampment - captured by Su taking photographs from the sea.

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