Saturday, 16 November 2013

Amazing Sunrise and Modern Gargoyles

A first look out of the window at the back of the house this morning revealed a misty valley
…but the best was yet to come. As the sun came up, the skies caught fire. 
The front of the house was lovely as well. 
The view from the back of the house kept on getting better. 
Then the day clouded over and stayed that way. We walked down to town in the early afternoon, passing these lovely trees on the way. 
Liked this tagger's handle- ChillHaze! 
Down on Walcot Street, the wine shop had this entertaining board outside. 
It also had this old favourirte. 
Spotted this couple in the process of adding more modern gargoyles to this wall.
Some more of their handiwork.
And even more have appeared.
A cunningly altered car park sign.
We went to Komedia to see Captain Philips - an action-packed two hours with Tom Hanks as the eponymous captain. It certainly kept us awake!:-)
This day a year ago, it was a dank and dismal day - but great for spotting spiders' webs.
When We Were Young(er) in Athens in 1990, this was how Su felt at the end of our three weeks camping on Greek beaches.

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