Sunday, 24 November 2013

Another Day, Another Walk, Another Film

A grey day after the sunshine of the last few days. We walked down into town again this morning and admired these trees on Belgrave Crescent.
Down on Walcot Street, we were reminded of the name of this local "head shop". 
This street art at the bottom of Walcot Street has been there for years. 
A great big crane blocked the road in front of Waitrose. 
We went to see a preview of Saving Mr Banks at the Little Theatre. It provided some context to the story behind the writing of Mary Poppins - and a film with Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson in was always going to be engaging! 
When we came out, snow had magically (a la Walt Disney!) appeared on just the roofs and trees of the Christmas Market - which starts tomorrow. Expect coaches from all over the country and loads of tourists for the next three weeks or so.
Back home, I took Bella out for her afternoon walk - this was as bright as the skies got all day… 
This day a year ago, I went to investigate the landslip that happened during the big storms a couple of days before. This sign's position was well chosen!
When We Were Young(er) in 2003 on Tilos, we often saw the Tilos Sea Star at the harbour just outside our room. We also got woken by the bin men nearly every morning at 4 o'clock!

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