Sunday, 10 November 2013

Blue Skies, Pylons and Sparklers

A glorious morning greeted us today.
"Red sky at dawning" wasn't a good predictor of today's weather - it's been a clear, bright day right through, a real treat after our recent downpours. 
Out with Bella a bit later on, I was taken by the lacy clouds and the sun coming over this terrace.
Abundant rose hips against a blue sky - beautiful.
Classic autumnal colours on this tree that we can see from the back of our house. 
Vapour trails. 
At this time of year, the low sun gives rise to some unusual reflections from odd angles, so it's not always possible to work out where they're coming from. 
We headed off to Nailsea for lunch at Richard and Barbara's. Before going in, I gave Bella short spin and was reminded of this great pub name (not sure what it's like inside, mind you).
Don't get caught short in this part of town - it's a long walk to the Shopping Precinct car park…
One thing that grows a lot in this part of Nailsea is electricity pylons, as I was reminded when I took Bella out for a stroll after a lovely lunch. 
We went up to the Moor - a private drove, according to the sign. 
An abandoned dog lead - already going rusty… 
The view to the right hand side of the path. 
More pretty skies to the left. 
Got back to the Parkers' to find that sparkler frenzy had taken them over in my absence! 
As we left, Richard modeled his alternative chef's hat. 
This day a year ago, I was up at Brockham End in the woods with Bella on another lovely sunny afternoon.
When We Were Young(er) in 1990 we were waiting for the ferry from Milos to Sifnos as the next leg of our oddysey.

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